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Our goal is for all who enter our establishment to feel a sense of belonging, welcome, caring, as well as physical and spiritual peace.
"We are all about service."
Anna's Day Spa & Salon was established in Seminole, Texas, on October 22, 2008, and is locally owned and operated by Anna and Martin Klassen. We've had the privilege of serving many satisfied clients in Seminole and the surrounding areas.

We offer a variety of services, such as ten types of massages, including infant and toddler massages, as we believe that they too can benefit from getting regular massages. Our focus is to help you relax, unwind, and feel revitalized. We constantly strive to improve and refine the services we offer. We pride ourselves on being real.
Spa Therapy

Full-service massage and reflexology.

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Hands & Feet

High-quality manicure and pedicure service.

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Salon Styling

Haircuts and styling for the whole family.

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Finishing Services

Cutting-edge tanning and teeth whitening.

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“The massages have helped me tremendously. It has made all the difference in the world, I feel so much better!”
Rita S.

Spa Therapy

Open your eyes to the benefits of spa therapy.
We offer a wide variety of massage, body contouring, waxing and sugaring and facial treatments. Book your appointment today to begin a beneficial journey toward health.

Refresh, rejuventate and repair from the stresses of every day.

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Release stress & tension

Target specific areas of the body to firm, tone and flatten.

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Body Contouring

A targeted approach

Remove unwanted hair without the pain and frustration of shaving.

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Waxing & Sugaring

Smooth, beautiful skin

Tighten your pores and refresh your skin.

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Facial Treatments

A Smooth, healthy face

When life’s stress takes over you need to let go with a

handful of tender loving care.

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“Anna’s Day Spa gives you the maximum benefits in relaxation and transformation from head to toe.”
Candus M.

Hands & Feet

You use your hands and feet everyday. They work hard for you. Take care of them and pamper them with our quality treatments.
Offering a variety of services from manicures and pedicures to polish and shellac, you can be sure that we will take good care of your hands and feet.

You use your hands every day. They need attention and care more than most.

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The Power of Healthy Hands

As hard as your feet work, you should pamper them with health.

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Follow Your Toes

Let your personality shine without even saying a word.

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Paint & Shellac

Your Nails Speak Volumes

Your hands and feet deserve work hard for you and deserve

attention and affection.

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“I always ask my mom when I can have another massage. I love when she lets me get a massage because it's so relaxing.”
Sedeena F.

Salon Styling

Your hair is your flair. Our stylists create the latest styles and trends that get attention.
Anna's offers everything your hair needs from stylish haircuts and glamorous up-dos to beautiful colorings and sizzling highlights.

Let our stylists transform your hair into something to talk about.

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Give your do its do

Color your world and let your personality and style shine through.

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Make a Statement

Get ready to step out and stand out in style.

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The Red Carpet treatment

Your hair is your flair, so

show your locks some love.

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“Anna’s Hair Salon is the BEST salon! When I walk into the salon, the first thing I notice is how clean it is. The friendly stylists there are great at making you look and feel your best!”
Debbie G.

Finishing Services

Add that finishing touch to your your look and make heads turn.
Equipped with the latest technology, Anna's Day Spa & Salon will give you the golden skin and whiter teeth you've been dreaming of.

Feel the style and confidence of a beautiful, golden tan.

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Golden Is Gorgeous

Achieve a smile that will go for miles.

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Teeth Whitening

Light Up the Room

Your body deserves the finishing touches that will

complete the look you want.

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“Anna’s Day Spa has a genuine desire for your overall wellbeing and will make your experience the ultimate retreat.”
Judy K.


At Anna’s Day Spa, our technicians are focused on providing you with excellent service and are passionate about what they do.
Let us show you the difference and get you looking and feeling better than ever. We look forward to your visit!
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To book your appointment, simply fill out our online form, give us a call or drop by any time.

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Anna's Day Spa & Salon
311 SW 11th St.
Seminole, Texas, 79360
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  • Open: Tuesday-Friday 9 a.m.-6 p.m. | Saturday 9 a.m.-12 p.m.